SGA Graduation Cord

Seniors if you plan to request an SGA graduation cord please click the link below to sign up.

Cost of cords is $7 each and the deadline to sign up is March 15, 2015.

You MUST sign up online and meet all requirements to be eligible for the cord.


Senior Year Budget Information

After much debate and budget stressing today and then a little magic searching tonight a tentative budget breakdown is ready for senior year.

Seniors please check out the budget information to get an idea of how much everything will cost this year. It includes estimates on how much income we can expect to take in and estimates on giveaways to 250-300 people max. (this is our usual number of people who participate in giveaways).

This budget does include a cushion but the expenses are firm in how much each category can spend. It assumes that expenses might be higher and we need to keep that in for protection. We cannot spend it “because we can make people pay more” or something like that.

The Herff Jones and T-shirt expenses are fixed as they have already been ordered and must be paid for.

The cookout includes food cost and cost of games.

If we go a little simple on the giveaways we can manage 3 days plus the cookout. Otherwise we can drop the Superhero day giveaway (masks) and up some of the other days a LITTLE bit. We’d rather do just a couple nice days than do several skimpy days.

Check it out and next Tuesday be prepared (if you are on Miriam’s team) to finalize the choices for giveaways.

This document is password protected and you must get the password from Ms. Yeomans. Do NOT share this with random students. It is for SGA senior eyes only.

Document: Anticipated Income and Expenses for 2012-2013 online2