Homecoming Lunch Schedule for Tuesday 10/6 – Thursday 10/8

Here is the schedule so far. As you can see a lot of people are repeating. Starting Tuesday people will have to be able to cover games and sales. We need more help during lunches!!!!

Anyone else that can help see Ms. Yeomans Tuesday AM before school. Thanks

Name Day Lunch Period
Jonathan Monday A
Joe Monday A
Florencio Monday B
Dakerria Monday C
Briannah Monday C
Claudia Monday D
Brittany Monday D
Janet Monday E
Mireya Monday E
Omari Neal Tuesday A
Dakerria Brown Tuesday A
Yulisa Quijada Tuesday B
Jocelyn Jefferson Tuesday B
Mireya Perez Tuesday C
Janet Fraire Tuesday C
Leslie Juarez Tuesday D
Sakira Harrison Tuesday D
Evelyn Langarica Tuesday E
Brittany Hernandez Tuesday E
Joe Castillo Wednesday A
Briceyda Rodriguez Wednesday A
Florencio Collazo Wednesday B
Irma Mejia Wednesday B
Briannah Pough Wednesday C
Jonathan Lucero Wednesday C
Claudia Quijada Wednesday D
Elizabeth James Wednesday D
Omari Neal Wednesday E
Evelyn Langarica Wednesday E
Dakerria Brown Thursday A
Thursday A
Yulisa Quijada Thursday B
Jocelyn Jefferson Thursday B
Mireya Perez Thursday C
Janet Fraire Thursday C
Leslie Juarez Thursday D
Sakira Harrison Thursday D
Thursday E
Thursday E