Seniors to advisement this week

Seniors will be going to advisement this week to help collect nominations for the senior superlatives for yearbook. We may also collect nominations for the senior week awards…

Yearbook superlative categories:

  • Most Athletic boy/girl
  • Class Clown boy/girl
  • Best Smile boy/girl
  • Most popular boy/girl
  • Cutest Couple

Stop by room 212 to pick up your advisement materials.

We will also discuss the newly revised category for Mr. and Miss OHS. Students can not be nominated any longer – they must apply for this position. Applications are available on the senior bulletin board.

Requirements for Mr and Miss OHS

  • Have senior academic status and completing their last semester May 2014.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Currently an active member of one or more school clubs or organizations
  • Current verified participation in community service activities
  • No disciplinary infractions

Mr and Ms OHS Application

Lastly we will remind seniors about dues and Green Cord – people need to return their hours and pay the $10 for their cord if they plan to participate.


SGA Meeting Today 1/14/14

Theme for Spring 2014: “Is Osborne better because YOU are here?”

Campaign: Make Osborne the place YOU want to be!

Goal: To spread acceptance and a sense of community


  1. Introduce theme for Spring 2014
  2. Plan to make signs/flyers for around school and cafeteria
  3. Nkayla Alford briefly present information on what social group has coming up (Valentine sales and Spring Fling days)
  4. Keosha Adams briefly present information on what service committee has coming up
  5. Marcela Calzada briefly present information on what Special Events committee has coming up
  6. Iridian Perez briefly present on what Publicity has coming up
  7. Break into groups to plan

Valentine items ideas Potential Valentine Items 2014