2013-2014 Class Officer and Executive Officer Applications now available

We are now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 school year for all class officer positions as well as executive SGA officer positions. 

Student Government President and Vice President positions are open only to currently active SGA members. The President must be a rising senior and the Vice President a rising junior or senior.

SGA Secretary and Historian (a new position) are open to all students of all grades and you do not have to have been an SGA member before to hold these positions.

All SGA executive officer positions will be elected at the general meeting on April 30th.

Committee chair positions available: Social, Service, Publicity and Special Events. Descriptions of these committees are included in the application. All committee chair positions will be appointed after an interview with the advisor and new officers.

Applications are due March 22, 2013.  Osborne High School Student Government SGA Officers Application

Class Officer applications are available as well. Positions available are President, Vice President and Senators (14 needed minimum per grade level).

All applications are due by Friday, March 22nd. Class officer interviews will be conducted the week of March 25-28, 2013. Elections will be held April 22, 2013 in advisement. 

Osborne High School Student Government Class Officer Application


Are you ready for Spring Fling Week 2013?!?!

The First annual Spring Fling spirit week is rapidly approaching!

Dress up days! We are going with a music theme this year and each class will be given their own version for a dress up day.

Seniors: R&B/Hip Hop

Juniors: Pop

Sophomores: Rock

Freshmen: Country

Powder Puff is well on it’s way to starting – practices will be every Monday beginning in March – that’s a week and a half away!

Powder Puff game will be Wednesday, April 3rd at 4:30PM in Cardinal Stadium. We have to charge an entry fee of $1 for the game.

Games Night Ceremony (a big version of a pep rally) will be the next night on April 4th from 4PM – 7PM in the New Gym. Cost to attend will be $1 again (have to pay for security on school property!). We’ve invited lots of groups on campus to perform, we have games planned for class competitions and more.

Hope to see you there during our great spring spirit week!

Senior Year Budget Information

After much debate and budget stressing today and then a little magic searching tonight a tentative budget breakdown is ready for senior year.

Seniors please check out the budget information to get an idea of how much everything will cost this year. It includes estimates on how much income we can expect to take in and estimates on giveaways to 250-300 people max. (this is our usual number of people who participate in giveaways).

This budget does include a cushion but the expenses are firm in how much each category can spend. It assumes that expenses might be higher and we need to keep that in for protection. We cannot spend it “because we can make people pay more” or something like that.

The Herff Jones and T-shirt expenses are fixed as they have already been ordered and must be paid for.

The cookout includes food cost and cost of games.

If we go a little simple on the giveaways we can manage 3 days plus the cookout. Otherwise we can drop the Superhero day giveaway (masks) and up some of the other days a LITTLE bit. We’d rather do just a couple nice days than do several skimpy days.

Check it out and next Tuesday be prepared (if you are on Miriam’s team) to finalize the choices for giveaways.

This document is password protected and you must get the password from Ms. Yeomans. Do NOT share this with random students. It is for SGA senior eyes only.

Document: Anticipated Income and Expenses for 2012-2013 online2